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Design and Engineering
General Refrigeration has a complete engineering department to make a refrigeration idea become a reality. Our experienced engineers can design your total system including load calculations, equipment specifications, control requirements, and energy prerequisites. Your facility will be state-of-the-art and cost efficient.
Fabrication and Installation
General Refrigeration only uses experienced pipe fitters and certified pipe welders when constructing your refrigeration system. All material used during installation is high quality and proven to be dependable. Safe, timely, and professional installation is emphasized to assure customer satisfaction. Refrigeration systems operate at high pressures and are worthy of respect. This is why we take the extra step to provide our customers with the highest quality construction personnel and material available. We take pride in fabricating systems that uphold all refrigeration piping codes and standards.
Process Piping
As a design build company, General Refrigeration can both design and install your process piping project. Our highly skilled engineering and design department has the experience and technical expertise to help you develop your project from the ground up. Our design team will design your project to your specifications, while suggesting options that can save you money and time. Our certified welders and expert construction crews will see your project through to assure your satisfaction.
24-Hour Service and Preventative Maintenance
General Refrigeration has highly trained service personnel who are experienced in mechanical, electrical, and computer controls for refrigeration systems. We supply service technicians for routine maintenance, mechanical integrity inspections, compressor rebuilds, microprocessor control upgrades, and emergency shutdowns. Our service technicians are specialists in the ammonia industry. Precise workmanship is always provided when a General Refrigeration service technician is working on your system.
General Refrigeration's parts department is second to none. Whether you need a part for a compressor made in the 1930's or a control valve that has just come off the production line, we can provide it. We can deliver most of our parts the same day, or next day if needed. Contact us for any of your refrigeration or piping material needs.
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