About Us

General Refrigeration Company is a leader in the industrial refrigeration industry serving customers throughout the eastern United States. We have the expertise and ability to support you in all of your refrigeration design and engineering, construction, service, and parts needs.

General Refrigeration Company prides itself on our commitment to safety and quality. With nearly 50 years of experience, we provide innovative solutions, top-quality workmanship, and expert personnel to handle all of your industrial refrigeration and mechanical piping needs. General Refrigeration emphasizes safety, excellence, and cost efficiency in all of our work. We develop and maintain systems that use ammonia, halocarbons and other refrigerants, biofuels, and many other types of media used in mechanical piping applications.  

Our satisfied customers include food processing plants, cold storage warehouses, breweries, chemical plants, aerospace firms, and many others. Our workmanship, dedicated staff, and family-driven ethics make us a vital partner to all of our customers.
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Frank and Rudy

The Making of A Family Business

Starting out in the refrigeration business in the 1970’s, Rudolf Nechay began his career working for a refrigeration company in Baltimore, Maryland. Several years later, Rudy, with the assistance of his wife Eva, built a family business that today is still a leader in the industrial refrigeration industry.
Rudy poured his heart and soul into the industrial refrigeration industry and into his family, and it was this passion that led him to the eventual purchase of General Refrigeration Company in Delmar, Delaware in 1992. Consisting of only five full-time employees and three trucks, General Refrigeration was very much a small-town business. As the businesses grew, Rudy’s children all joined, working together to truly create a family business.
Serving as the company’s President, and then CEO, until his passing in 2013, Rudy dedicated many years engraining his beliefs of honesty and doing the best possible job for his customers into all who worked for him. Proud to be a second-generation owner, his son Frank Nechay now serves as President of General Refrigeration Company.