Our Work

Pork Processing - Clinton, NC

General Refrigeration Company performed a complete installation of a new 600TR quickfreeze blast system expansion for Smithfield facility in Clinton - North Carolina. The expansion included their third standalone ammonia refrigeration system and was built with longevity and maintenance in mind, comprised almost entirely of stainless steel piping and modular valve groups.

Poultry Processing - Siler City, NC

General Refrigeration Company performed a complete design-build of a 4,500 TR ammonia refrigeration system for a new Poultry Processing facility.  Our responsibilities included performing the initial load analysis, designing, installing and starting up the complete refrigeration and chilled water systems, coordination of control wiring and ductwork installation, and completing all required PSM and RMP paperwork.  The system used three (3) separate suction levels to handle the loads of the condensation control rooftop units, water chillers, rechillers, evaporators and ice maker.  Through our engineering design, project management, installation and startup services, we were able to provide a team to complete the project safely, on schedule and under budget.   

Poultry Processing - Dillon, SC

The driving force for this project was the need for a new processing area for a high-end fast food customer. A new cooler and shipping dock was installed and commissioned into operation during the first phase and then phase 2 consisted of converting an existing cooler and shipping dock to meet the buyer's requirements. 

Poultry Processing - Hurlock, MD

General Refrigeration Company provided the necessary refrigeration system upgrades to accommodate the addition of approximately 17,000 square feet of processing area and 4,000 square feet of cooler space.  The expansion included two rechillers, ten inline chillers for parts chilling, sixteen evaporators, three compressors, one condenser, one vertical pump package, one suction accumulator, and the required ammonia detection and ventilation system upgrades.  Due to the layout of the facility, we had to find creative ways to fit the new equipment into tight spaces while still maintaining serviceability.

Aerospace Facility - Wallops Island, VA

An incredible project landing in the $140 million range for the complete build, General Refrigeration Company was honored to be involved, providing the cross country piping system and the environmental control system for a new launch pad.

Beverage Manufacturing - Jersey City, NJ

Through a collaboration with the end user, General Refrigeration Company was able to develop and execute a plan to reduce the ammonia charge at the facility by nearly 50%, while still maintaining the desired system performance.  Due to the overall success of the project, we are continuing steps to reduce the system ammonia charge in an effort to minimize their offsite impact as per the parameters set forth by the N.J.A.C. 7:31 Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act Program Consolidated Rule Document.